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I had anorexia with purging about one year ago but am falling into old habits. I have never had professional treatment and my parents have threatened me they will force feed me if i loose weight again. They aren't too understanding. What should I do?


Get help; you're eating

Get help; you're eating disorder will never fully go away until you recognize and deal with the root issues...healing is possible! Talk to your parents about your concerns or a trusted adult that could speak to your parents on your behalf. If you are still in school go to your guidance counselor or nurse. Check to see if there are any support groups in your area; there is so much information avail. via the web. I will be praying for you.

The problem is that I am in

The problem is that I am in my sophmore year of college and have recently got into an exclusive major program. If I tell them, not only will I feel like a failure to them but even possibly throw away everything I worked towards. I have no idea how I would tell them let alone my boyfriend of three years thigh he has stayed with me through all this. I don't want to disappoint everyone

I totally understand. I was

I totally understand. I was actually newly married when my ed reared its ugly head (again); I thought my husband would be horrified that I had deceived him, etc. He wasn't; he was totally accepting, etc. People don't always know how to handle it, however, you cannot control that. As long as it remains your secret it has more control over you. Do not listen to the voice in your head telling you to keep it a secret, etc. The sooner you get help the better; I have a friend that has been trying to battle her ed on her own for almost 30 years! She has lost her husband, custody of her children, etc. She looks like she just came out of a concentration camp, and it all started with dabbling in it as a teen. You will NOT be throwing away everything you've worked for UNLESS you don't get help. Do the right thing and trust for it all to work out. Summer is the perfect time to get headed in the right (healing) direction; no stress of heavy course load, etc. I'm praying for you.