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I have been anorexic for about 7 years and I am now experiencing slower heart beats and extreme headaches just about everyday. What should I do to adress these issues?


It sounds as though your body

It sounds as though your body is being affected in a very serious way. Dehydration from restricting your intake can cause both of the symptoms that you mentioned. You should see you physician, and look into some specific treatment for your eating disorder as soon as possible. The longer your body is stressed by restricting and any other symptoms from your eating disorder, the more likely you are to suffer long-term physical damage. It's easy to dismiss our eating disorders as not so serious, but the truth is, you can die from an eating disorder if you don't get help. Please seek help as soon as you can!!

Stop being anorexia, EAT!!

Stop being anorexia, EAT!! is obvious that you is obvious that you have no idea what eating disorders are all about, or how to recover. If you are going to answer questions or post on this forum, please read about eating disorders (to the left), and be respectful of those who are suffering. Eating disorders are fatal, complex illnesses. It is not possible to 'just stop', or 'just eat', or 'just stop being anorexic'. You are welcome to write sensitive and proper responses, but otherwise, please refrain from commenting. Thanks.