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i weigh 103 and am 5'10" and am 53. when do i need inpatient treatment?


You are severely underweight.

You are severely underweight. Have you been diagnosed as having an eating disorder? How long have you struggled? I think your best course of action is to see your doctor, or make an appointment with an eating disorder specialist for an assessment to determine your needs. I recommend that you get help as soon as possible!!

I have always been skinny and

I have always been skinny and have always had times when i restricted on purpose. I've lost 5 lbs. now because i've had jaw surgery and my mouth is wired shut. But there are no specialists here where I live. I used to live in Germany and have been to several clinics but they never helped. My eating disorder is so embedded in me. When I get depressed like I am now, I don't see the point of anything. I was at my doctor's office today and he wants me to get back on the Lamictal ( bipolar 2), but I don't want to. I struggle with so much.
Maybe things will brighten up when I go to art therapy tomorrow. thanks!

contessa...I'm sorry you have

contessa...I'm sorry you have so many challenges before you. It's apparent that you are depressed. The weight loss is only adding to that. Have you checked for specialists in your area? I am happy to help you look if you would like. I encourage you to seek help with getting the proper nutrients while recovering from this surgery. Let me know if I can help. Take care..Jan

Thanks Jan, I would really

Thanks Jan,
I would really like your help.

contessa...Sure! Can you give

contessa...Sure! Can you give me information about your location? If you prefer to do it privately, you can email me at, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can do this!! Take care.