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I'm 15, female and i always count my kj intake. i always feel the need to exercise every single day otherwise i feel guilty and im always looking at my bodyin the mirror. Do I have an eating disorder or am i over reacting. im in the healthy weight range.


Why did you begin to count

Why did you begin to count your calories in the first place? Do you know what caused you to focus on your weight and the way you look? What you are describing are fears and behaviors that could lead to an eating disorder if not interrupted. I recommend that you speak to a trusted adult about this, such as a parent, your school counselor, or perhaps another family member, and tell them what you are experiencing, and that you are afraid you may develop an eating disorder. You may need some help to refocus the view you have of yourself from how you look, your weight, etc., to what you true internal values are. Please ask for help.

Well, one day i just felt

Well, one day i just felt really bad about myself and then i really felt the need to be a stick figure. so i started walking 10km as much as i could (in the holidays, almost every single day i would walk this distance) and i would eat each day: 1 weetbix, bowl of fruit salad then a medium sized dinner. i started doing that a few months ago, and i got better once i lost a fair amount of weight (around 5kg), i started to eat more and exercise less. but i still count how many calories i eat and look at my body in the mirror a bit too much. Should i try and stop these habits?

Yes, it is important to

Yes, it is important to change the focus you have on these things. But it may not be so easy without some help. You said that it began when you 'felt bad about' yourself, so it could be very helpful for you to see a therapist or counselor to help you have a better understanding about what is truly important about YOU, and how worthy you are. It has nothing to do with how you look or how much you weigh. But if you continue with this kind of pattern, you could harm you body, and even prevent yourself from being able to bear children. Please talk to an adult who you can trust, and look into getting some professional help. Take care...Jan

Thankyou for your very

Thankyou for your very helpful advice.