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I'm anorexic,i am very overweight for my small frame,i haven't starved to thiness,the longest was 5 days,and was wondering if I go on a juice fast 'til i am normal weight,then start eating as a vegetarian, will the fast make my mild ed worse?


um,for further explanation,i

um,for further explanation,i noticed that the beginning is kind of contradictory. So here's my short story: unlike the typical book definition of an anorexic,i knew/know i'm anorexic w/o a doctor telling me so,ive realized it,even though i haven't gotten to skinny,or emaciated. So this kind of snuck on me in 9th grade. I think i've always had tendecnies but when i realized i was fat they come to the surface,when i was little i was skinny,like the model miranda kerr, at five yrs old i had her body,just shorter,no boob,and darker skin,of course. Now i would be considere slim then,now at an unhealthy weight i wanted to get down there once again. Through my journey ive become more anorexic in the mind. I have obsessively searched online for months about starving,anorexia,eating disorders since i found out my bff is bulimic,thats when i used laxatives. I have successfully stopped,plus the once-full bottle is almost done,anybody would notice. Its taken almost a year,for me to realize how to lose weight. Now ive got until june,my piano audition,and i will do it! Tomorrow,i'll eat less,and more healthy foods. I cannot wait for june when i can eat mounds of delicious fruits n veggies,and vegetarain meals. Yum! After 5 yrs of being a vegetarain i will become a vegan hopefully having enough money to buy from organic,sweat-shop free clothing lines. So that's my story,i've gone from athletic body to blob in 9 yrs of eating like a literal pig. Not good for my health. Thank you,and sorry for blabbing,this is something that will drop with the weight,i have no room for a big-mouth anymore. Oh,and theres some good stories on really interesting a story about a non-survivor that died @ 45 lbs. Its old,but good. Liking this site.

i completely know where

i completely know where you're coming from as i'm only 5'4 and know i'm over weight for my height. i'm anorexic in mind though, i completely obsess over what i eat and i havn't ate anything but a banana all day. i'm very self concious in my body appearence and i read alot of health and diet articles. i do know that if you don't eat that your metabolism goes down and this means you'll put on more weight than usual when you do eat. i've been vegetarian for seven years in july and i'd hate to think what weight i'd be if i wasn't! i think you should try a vegetarian diet anyway, i think after your juice diet you'll feel you eat alot more, even if your not eating more than usual, because every meal you have will feel a lot bigger than a portion of juice. in this sense i think it might make your ed worse but if you think you can handle it, i'm no one to tell you what to do!

I am in the complete same

I am in the complete same position at 5ft 4 and 130lb, I was thinking about becoming vegetarian, but was unsure if it would actually help at all, so thankyou, this has really helped me!

Um,wow,i am very very

Um,wow,i am very very late...
Well i've read your comment,and im shocked that i helped you. Well good luck being a vegetarian,i hope you have fun with it. Its nice to know i helped someone. I even plan on helping my mom lose weight in 60 days the healthy way,eating organic,and i am so excited because she is always asking my dad if she looks nice,and asking for me to pull up the zipper to her dress,shes a classic apple shape,and she has diabetes so i really want to help her. Be warned about vegetarianism,you have to get protein from beans,and veggies. Its not juts about not eating meat. Its about eating more healthy foods. Like exotic cuisines indian cuisines have veggie palates. Sorry i dont want you taking 5 yrs to figure out how the diet world works. Hows it going? Ive started my juice fast today,and on saturday my mom's lifestyle change. The second day is the hardest,if i can just lose my cravings!

Wow,thanks. My bf and various

Wow,thanks. My bf and various ppl inspired me 2 become a vegetarian. Im feeling this true eco-vibe in me. Man,do people change. And for the juice fast thing,yea i do think ill be able to handle it because im stubborn,and im hoping its enough. I started today actually. Time has passed since then,and i had become weak in spirit. I just grab veggies,and blend,it i just blend like oatmeal with lots of milk,and raisin bran w/sugar,and it tasted great,and filled me up,and i didnt poop. Which means i put enough milk. Tomorrow,we r eating dinner rolls,and CREAM of mushroom soup. Huh,ive really gotta switch out of that class. Hmm,i cld skip... Library.. Huh ive got no excuse though. Gotta hand in a note. Damn,and i cant bring home soup,on a paper plate,n i aint drinking it. Yuck,dirty kids hand germs. Hmm ill pass,and "nibbe" on it. So how has ur days been recently. That was more to me than you,im having some insomnia. Cant fall asleep,i didnt finish my workout,soo. Guilt. Yawn,

Hello...I respect that

Hello...I respect that certain tactics work for everyone, but I do think that advocating for juice fasts and any diet that is restrictive in nature is promoting eating disordered behavior. Losing weight is never a part of recovery from an eating disorder, unless it happens naturally when a person ceases their chaotic eating patterns. Please be careful. If your eating pattern is based on 'rules' that eliminate instead of encourage eating, there may be a big problem. Please think about what you are doing. Good luck...Jan

Valencia...dieting and

Valencia...dieting and fasting are the most dangerous behaviors related to eating disorders, any type. This site is about recovery, and healthy ways to achieve that. What you are posting has Spam in it, and very dangerous suggestions. Please do not post any further messages with this content or you will be blocked from the site. If you truly need help, or know someone else who does, please seek professional help, and take care with what you put out here for others to see. You could be harming someone. Thanks.