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I'm not particularly sure whether I have a problem with my eating habits.. (continued below)


I'm 15. I weigh myself

I'm 15.

I weigh myself constantly, usually twice a day, but it can be 3-5 in a day. I get somewhat disappointed if the figure on the scales is higher than I had expected it to be - I try to eat less and exercise more.

I also have a tendency to look at food labels and choosing the foods with the lowest calories. I have at times counted the calories I have consumed.

I have also fasted. 10 hours was the longest I've been without food (I ended it because I was expected to eat), and I admit I was satisfied that I had 'lost' a significant amount of weight, although it went back up as soon as I started eating. I fast regularly, often few times a week. (I'd do it everyday, but I can't risk my parents suspecting so I have to eat around them).

I admit I feel very, very overweight, even though my weight is considered 'average' for my height. My ideal weight is technically considered underweight but I am convinced it is the perfect weight for me. I pick out my body parts that I feel are flabby or something.

I chew gum to stave off cravings or to eat, and drink water so I feel sort of full.

Some part of me is saying that I will get worse. But another part of me is saying that I am completely in control and I will not get worse if I lose weight, but feel better about myself. I definitely cannot see a doctor because of confidentiality issues (again, my parents and because of my age).

I know you can't diagnose me but I was wondering if I have a serious problem, and if I should do anything about it. My conflicting thoughts are literally driving me crazy. Thanks and sorry for the long post.

Thank you for sharing. Yes,

Thank you for sharing. Yes, you have a serious problem, and you definitely should reach out for help! Your parents need to know that you are suffering, and you might be able to start with your school counselor if you are reluctant to talk to your parents. But please don't wait any longer! You are engaging in some very dangerous and potentially fatal behaviors that require professional intervention! Please tell someone what is going on, and ask them to help you find help! Take care!