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I'm under weight (5' 6.5" and around 110 lbs, maybe less) and have heart palpitations sometimes. I've been eating and exercising the same, but sometimes the palpitations are more or less frequent. Why is that?


Hi: I'm not sure what is


I'm not sure what is causing your heart palpitations. A number of different things can trigger them, but you would need to see a physician to determine exactly what is going on in your particular case.

Heart palpitations are common, and are usually not serious. Stress, exercise, caffeine, certain medications, or even strong emotions can cause you to experience heart palpitations.

Sometimes, heart palpitations are an indication of something more serious, and are a warning sign that a problem may exist. An eating disorder can precipitate heart problems, especially if you are starving yourself. Without regular intake of nourishment, you may suffer an electrolyte imbalance which affects the mechanism in place to regulate your heartbeat. Although you note that your eating and exercise patterns are unchanged, you could still be experiencing fluctuations in blood chemistry which can lead to heart palpitations; you need some answers as to why this is happening.

Again, I would encourage you to discuss the situation with a health professional to rule out any serious disorders and put your mind at ease.

Wishing you well.