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What is the bmi of anorexia?


There are certain specific

There are certain specific criteria for the diagnosis of anorexia. But you cannot base a person's degree of illness or need for care on any number(s). An eating disorder is a complex mental illness with both psychological and biological components. Every person who suffers may present at a different weight, but it's not about that as much as the behaviors, thoughts, and the prison that an eating disorder places a person in.
If you or someone you know is suffering, please seek help!!

how do i know my bmi ? i am

how do i know my bmi ? i am 5f 1n & was 115 now am 89 . since i relasped how do i know ? & i am 53 now after my past ed in my 30's when i dropped to 82 .& it then affected my heart too i do not wish for more heart problems am i at a low bmi ? can you help me know ? god bless xo

Numbers are really not the

Numbers are really not the issue as much as the fact that you need help. They are only important in showing that you are very ill. I am not trying to be cruel. An ED is so very damaging and horrible. Recovery is about not identifying yourself as a number. It's critical that you get help from a professional, and that you don't focus on numbers. I know you have mentioned you don't have insurance. Please check with the links I gave you, and also Columbia University in NYC offers free treatment for those who will be involved in a research study. But I don't know any details. Good luck!!