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What's wrong with me? Apparently, according to this website I have every symptom to be diagnosed as anorexic except that I know I'm skinny and underweight, but I still want to lose weight. I always feel like I'm the only one that is like this...


I am the same way. If I hole

I am the same way. If I hole up my jeans, I know that they are small, so therefore I must be small, but when I look in the mirror, all I see is fat. I'm at 105, and all I want to do is get to 100. I think then I might be fine.

If you have anorexia nervosa,

If you have anorexia nervosa, it doesn't mean that you don't know you are thin and need to gain weight, but usually there is a distortion with the way you 'see' yourself and/or denial that you need to change anything.
For both of you, the desire and obsession with wanting to lose more weight, and never thinking you are thin enough is very common and dangerous for a person with anorexia. I strongly recommend that you seek professional help to get the treatment to recover. Anorexia is the leading cause of death among all mental illnesses, and can lead to serious damage to your body and your mind. Please get help!!

The thing is, is that this is

The thing is, is that this is like an on and off thing, like a lot of the time i eat like normal but one day ill look in the mirror and im like "ew thats nasty" so ill diet for about a month, lose 10 pounds then quit but now its been more on then off. i dont know i hope that makes a little bit of sense :/

Thanks. Yes, because this has

Thanks. Yes, because this has increased in frequency, and you know you are underweight, you seem to be struggling with some emotional stress that is setting it off. The yo-yo dieting itself is dangerous, and you don't want to spiral to the point that you have to be hospitalized. To be safe, I think you should see a therapist or a psychologist who knows about eating disorders. Please take care!!

I used to feel the same way.

I used to feel the same way. I got into the lower 80's, was soooo proud, then got down in the 70's... then I collapsed because my body was going into cardiac failure. I woke up in what seemed like a detox center, and went into kidney failure. The doctor said and I quote "Live or die its up to you" and honestly, since then, my goal is to be HEALTHY, I am 4'11, in the 95-98lbs range, trying all I can to break 100.
I see pictures now, and even in the 80's I was disgusting looking.
Think of your LIFE... It will come down to the choice.