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will my body balance out my weight gain if i start eating normal again after annorexia? and will i get a big belly?


background: i was eating

background: i was eating about 400-600 calories a day with a once a week binge. i recently went on vacation and ate about 4500 calories a day and am now back to normal eating at about 1200-1500 calories a day with exercise.i noticibly gained weight on my vacation but im wondering if my body will balance this out after awhile. i dont want to gain alot of weight. i want to stay at this weight i am after vacation.

Hi...the weight that you gain

Hi...the weight that you gain may at first settle around your mid-section, and that is because your body is protecting your vital organs, and it's also preparing for another bout of starvation...just in case. It may take several months, but the weight should re-distribute and you will not notice it being as being so concentrated in one area. Take care...Jan