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I am 21 and am the proper weight but have a problem with binge eating on and off regularly. I exercise a good bit but I binge a lot more than I should to have it balanced out. I and am wondering what is the best way about getting help?


Hello. I am glad that you are

Hello. I am glad that you are seeing help. This is no way to live your life, and you CAN recover from this damaging pattern. There are a couple of options. This site offers a nice treatment directory. You could also call the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) helpline at 1-800-931-2237. They offer a great variety of options for help. I think it would be good for you to talk to a close friend or your family and tell them about your concerns. You could call your local Mental Health Agency also for a referral. If you are currently in school, there should be counseling available on your campus. Please don't give up. There are options for help out there. Good luck, and please don't hesitate to ask for help.