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I was abused mentally and physically as a child, and I believe thats why I turn to food for comfort. I am just looking for answers as to why I continue to run to food under every circumstance in my life. And why cant I control my eating binges?


You are likely correct that

You are likely correct that your abuse/trauma history is a major factor that has caused you to turn to food as comfort in order to cope. This behavior has become a pattern for you as a method to avoid the intense emotions that are associated with your memories of abuse as a child. You could just as likely have turned to drugs or alcohol as a way to "numb" out the pain of your memories. The fact that you aren't able to control your eating binges indicates that you need some professional help to deal with your pain in a more healthy way. You may need to "expose" your abuse history, or in other words, talk about it and feel the strong emotions before you are able to change your coping behaviors. I would recommend that you consult with a therapist or counselor who specializes in grief or trauma issues, and they can help you learn to deal with this without using food in an unhealthy way. You may also want to explore the possibility of getting treatment where they specialize in eating disorders, depending on how your binging has affected your weight and your health. Please don't ignore this. There are many health risks associated with binging behaviors, and over an extended period of time, it could result in added behaviors such as purging or restricting, if you become focused on your weight. Good luck!!