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I'm at a normal wieght and feel that I eat a lot (but its healthy like carrots and such), almost to the point of throwing up. Is this binging?


Hello. It's difficult to

Hello. It's difficult to answer your question, based on the information you have shared. Some questions come to mind:
Do you purposely eat only what you consider 'healthy' foods because you have a fear of weight gain? Are you hungry when you eat what you consider 'a lot', or does it seem to be more of a habit? Or based on emotions? Other than the times that you are eating 'a lot', is your food intake balanced and are your meal times fairly routine? Have you ever thrown up after eating what you call 'a lot'? Have you ever talked to anyone about this, and asked them if the amount you eat seems in excess? These are some things to think about. If you wish you share more, I will try to offer you more specific advice. Thank you for writing!