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Is it common to switch from purging to fasting?Sometimes ill binge then not eat for several days.


Hi: What you are describing


What you are describing is quite common behavior among those individuals who are suffering from an eating disorder.

Usually the cycle of binge/purge/binge/fast is used as a way to control food intake, and ultimately lose weight. Regardless of the method used (purging or fasting) the goal is to control eating by limiting the consumption of food. Either way, the end result is not healthy, and deprives your body of the regular nutrition it needs in order to function properly. Fasting for days can result in low blood sugar, and makes you feel tired and lightheaded, unable to concentrate, and irritable.

Fasting after binge eating may feel like "the right thing to do" but is actually detrimental to your health and sense of wellbeing. It is not possible to feel good mentally when you are overly focused on managing or controlling your food intake. A lot of emotional problems such as guilt, poor self-esteem, or depression can also occur, making it all the more difficult to re-establish healthy eating behaviors.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for some help in order to break this destructive cycle.

Wishing you well.