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I've been restricting myself from meals except for breakfast. Usually I feel really good for avoiding lunch and having bites of random food for dinner. Lately i've been eating more unhealthy snack food and a lot of it. I'm worried about weight gain.


Hi...the reason you are

Hi...the reason you are eating what you consider to be 'unhealthy' food, and what you think is a lot, is because you are depriving yourself of this food on a regular basis. Restricting your food intake, and limiting yourself to only certain foods, will certainly lead to bingeing on the foods you don't allow yourself to have, and yes, weight gain in a real possibility. This is because of both eating more, and that your metabolism has likely slowed down due to your restrictive intake, so your body will gain weight more easily now.
Your best defense against an eating disorder and also excessive weight gain is to actually eat adequate amounts of food to keep you metabolism going strong, and be consistent with your intake. Chaotic eating patterns are also dangers that lead to eating disorders and/or obesity. Please consider seeking guidance from an ED professional.