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Am I still bulimic if I only make myself throw up on some days?


Hi: As you already know,


As you already know, bulimia is characterized by an attempt to control your weight through binging and purging. It doesn't make too much of a difference how frequently you throw up - the damage is still being done. If you are making yourself vomit in order to control your weight (even occasionally) you are struggling with bulimia.

Bulimia is about much more than just vomiting. The stress and anxiety of living with an eating disorder can make your life miserable, and isolate you from friends and family. The physical effects of bulimia are especially worrisome and can take a huge toll on your health.

I am wondering whether you are trying to limit the number of times you purge, because you want to get this under control? Bulimia requires specialized treatment from health care professionals who understand what you are going through. You don't have to try to cope with this alone.

Unfortunately, ignoring an eating disorder does not make it go away. There are lots of treatment options available and lots of support. I urge you to seek some help for your bulimia. Please don't delay - your health is important!