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Are these things caused by bulimia or am I just paranoid about my addiction?


I think ive scratched my

I think ive scratched my throat a couple times because it usually burns. I know it burns because of stomach acid but this feels like a scratch. Also, does stomach acid make my tongue feel raw? I cant tell whether this is all in my mind or real. Its creeping me out and i want to stop. No matter all the negtive things i read about bulimia i always find myself right back by that toilet everyday. I would like to tell my mother and ask for help but i know for a fact she will commit m to a pychiatric ward. I dont want to go there!

This definitely could be a

This definitely could be a result of the stomach acid and the bulimia. Please see a doctor about this, and look into getting professional help for the ED. You deserve to be free from this, and it is totally possible!!