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Has anyone ever recovered from Bulimia?


YES!! Many people fully

YES!! Many people fully recovery form the horrible disorder of bulimia. It's critical that a person get professional help in order to break this dangerous cycle and develop new ways of coping with emotional distress. It is definitely possible!!

I have been completely

I have been completely recovered from bulimia and other eating disorders for several years.
Complete recovery is possible.
You can visit: for more info

>Help for Eating Disorder

Yes, complete recovery is

Yes, complete recovery is possible!! Thank you!

Hi Jannurse, Is there any way

Hi Jannurse,

Is there any way that I can contact you directly?
If you could send me an email at recoverfromed at gmail that would be great.
I just have a few questions to ask you



>Help for Eating Disorder

I sent you an email ?

I sent you an email ?