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Hi, i'am now 29 yrs old and have had bulimia since the age of 16. I think i'am really starting to feel the affects of my actions, when i get help will all the damaged i have caused be fixed in time back to normal.. help please...


Hello. Bulimia can damage

Hello. Bulimia can damage your body in many ways, and it's impossible for me to say if all, or any of the affects you are experiencing will 'repair', but the faster you get help to recover and reverse the bulimic 'symptoms', such as binging/purging, the more likely you are to heal. The important thing is for you to get into see a therapist or go into treatment so that you can truly discover what steps you need to take in your life to be fully recovered. It IS possible! And the process of recovery, while not always fun or easy, is absolutely worth it! Please take care! Jan