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I am 15years old. I used to eat really healthy and still generally do. But after every dinner time meal I make myself sick, even when out like at a resturant. I have been eating junk food alot (cookies,chocolate). Do I have a problem??


Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your question. Anytime that you are forcing yourself to 'be sick' or purge your food, it is not good for your body. This may also be an indication that you have developed an eating disorder. This could be very dangerous. I recommend that you talk to your parents and explain what you are struggling with, and ask them to take you to see a doctor and/or a therapist who can help you figure out what is going on and why. You are young and you can get over this quickly if you get help right away. Please talk to your parents right away! Jan

Thank you for replying, I

Thank you for replying, I went and spoke to my doctor about it, and he said it may have started because of my previous home life, I used to have councilling fir that.
I have gradually reduced the purging and now only do it occasionally. My parents do not know, but they have heard me do it, and keep on giving me sarcastist comments about it. It makes me feel really bad about myself, but I don't know what to say to them to make them stop. x

You say that your parents

You say that your parents 'don't know', yet also that they have heard you doing it. So they do know that you are purging, but just not how much? Or that it is a dangerous problem?
It's great that you have reduced the amount of purging, but you could still benefit from counseling. Because your parents don't seem to understand, perhaps you could talk to a school counselor and see if they can suggest something..or even talk to you and your parents together.
When your parents make sacrcastic remarks, have you tried to explain that this is related to stress and that you need help? There is some good factual information on this site, and if your parents would read more about eating disorders, they might have a better understanding. Don't give up, and talk to a friend or counselor. Good luck!!