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I have been Bulimic since the age of 12 on and off I am now 24. I stopped vomitting for about 3 years and now slowly starting again, I started doing it once a month, then once a week, and now its once a day. How can i stop b4 i get out of contol again????


Elisa, An eating disorder is

An eating disorder is a serious illness, not just a behavior problem. This is also a very dangerous illness, one which can very quickly damage your body, teeth, bones, and ability to think rationally.
The key to truly recovering is to find a specialist who treats people who have eating disorders, and who can help you break this dangerous cycle. The emotional component is what you must be in touch with, so that you can develop new and safer ways to cope with stress or pain in your life. Please seek help as soon as possible! Recovery is possible!!