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i indulge in days when i will only eat a small dinner and nothing else( i usually get up at 6 and i am in bed by 11) at weekends i binge eat and i can't stop it, after i binge, i make myself sick. its now frequent..i want my life back??help!!


Laura....If you are not

Laura....If you are not seeing a therpist or a medical professional, please do, as soon as possible! Your blood electrolyte levels could be abnormal due to the behaviors you describe, and can be very dangerous!
I suggest that you look into seeing a therapist who is experienced with treating eating disorders! The longer this pattern continues, the more ill you will become and the harder it will be to break this dangerous pattern!
Take care...Jan

Jan, thank you for your

thank you for your reply, after receiving i went onto your page and read your bio, you don't no how great it is to finally reach someone who can understand where im coming from!
3 months ago i realised that my 'different' eating habits where becoming..too extreme. i reached out and asked one of my dearest friends to help me, or at least listen to what i was feeling. she listen but far from understood, she started givnig off, to her what i was saying was just 'weird', how someone could get them selves into much a state of mind she couldn't comprehend, i can't say i blame her.however her reaction scared me from saying more and now if she asks, ''its all cleared up''
your story was all too familiar to me, as i child i was what you would have called'' lager than life'and from an early age the idea of an ideal weight was all that i could think about. after entering secondary school, also aged 13 it all became too much for me, i decided that the only person that could make me happy within myself was me and thats when the dieting started. for 3 years i got my weight down to healthy situation and i was happy. however after the loss of a very good friend i became very unhappy and started binge eating. understandably my weight increased and then i panicked, the idea of what i once was scared me, it was the most horrible feeling, i no longer wanted to be see and the only way i could find a way to stop it was getting sick. during the school week the guilt of how much i eat at the weekend makes me fast and at the weekend i eat till it hurts so bad and then its off to the bathroom with me. thats been the cycle for the last few months, the thing is i know its wrong but when i get into that mode theres just no stopping me, im a different person.
sorry to bored you with this, but getting it off my chest, its a great relief! thank you,

Laura...thank you so much for

Laura...thank you so much for sharing. You have NOT bored me with this! Thank you also for reading my bio (which I need to update!). I am now Director of Admissions at a treatment facility, and living my dream, to be in a position to truly help others get the help they need. I add to this site and the site, to also continue to try to support those who are seeking advice and resources.
I know it's hard when people do truly care about you, but they cannot's impossible unless they have detailed education and even then, they are not feeling it. Even when you are experiencing the confusion, it's often not possible to understand what is going on within yourself. I hope you will continue to seek help and keep writing!!
Jan ?