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i suffer from extremely swollen parotid glands while refeeding. i have stopped the binge and purge cycle. is there anyone with advice about this embarrassing and painful problem? i know it is atypical to suffer from this while refeeding instead of purging


For some people who have been

For some people who have been binging/purging, it takes a fair amount of time, which varies with everyone, for the parotid glands to return to their normal size, even though you are no longer purging. Just try to be patient, and your body will balance out. Congratulations on making some very difficult changes! I wish you luck on your recovery!!

Hello, I was bulimia for

Hello, I was bulimia for around 7 years on and off and swollen glands was a part of that too, having been recovered for just over 10 months now, I can say that i still suffer with swollen glands. Its post like this that actually force me to continue because I know I am not alone. I've had tests and ultrasounds on my glands and there are no blockages. I guess its just a matter of persevering. I find that when i eat my glands tend to get worse temporarily, but they vary in size all the time?


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