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I think I need help. I guess I'm bulimic but I can't bring myself to tell anyone. Plus I don't Really get what's so wrong with it.My story below.


So, I was like borderline

So, I was like borderline Anorexic for about two years. not really serious awful, just sort of watching my weight. But then I went Vegan. My parents were really worried about me not having enough to eat because I was already really skinny, so we went to the store and bought all kinds of Vegan stuff that I can eat. after that I gained a little weight, not a ton, just a little bit. So now I'm pretty much normal weight for a girl my height, the problem is that I can't stand the extra pounds. It's only a tiny bit of weight gain, but for me it feels huge. So now every time I eat anything, even a snack, I feel so disgusted I puke it up. Sometimes I don't get all of it, or some times I talk myself out of it by exercising or something like that. So I ask you honestly, am I bulimic? Is this just something everybody goes through, or is it a problem?

GhostGirl...I can't diagnose

GhostGirl...I can't diagnose you, but based on what you have shared here, you are on the brink of a very dangerous eating disorder, if you have not already developed one. The obsessionality and need to exercise or purge to compensate for eating does point to bulimia. Please seek the help of a professional and have an assessment to determine what level of care you need. Don't wait! Eating disorders can kill, and even so, the quality of your life is truly in jeopardy! Take care...Jan