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Ive lost over 5 pounds in 3 days due to purging. My family is starting to ask questions and wonder whats going on. They know I have bulimia/anorexia. My friends are telling me to seek help but, Im scared. Is that usual?


Sasha....being scared is

Sasha....being scared is normal, and friends and family being concerned and suggesting that you seek help is normal. That doesn't mean it's easy or that it feels good, but the pattern you are stuck in now doesn't feel so good either, I suspect.
Eating disorders are fatal illnesses, if you don't get help. Please seek help from a counselor and/or your doctor, and look into treatment options before this robs you of even more in your life...or your life.
Recovery is totally posssible, and YOU deserve to be free! Take care...J

Sasha, I'm actually in the

Sasha, I'm actually in the same place as you right now and am so scared mostly because I can't stop and no one has seemed to notice. Think of it as a good thing that your friends and family are showing concern, they just want what's best for you and although hearing that they are worried hurts it's only meant with the best intentions.