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my fiances mom is concerned that i MIGHT b bulimic only promblem is i lie to her an tell her im not even tho i know i am....what do i do? she wants me to get help but im afraid if i do ill get fat.


Hi: While I understand your


While I understand your concern about gaining weight,an eating disorder such as bulimia is just not a healthy way to go about losing or maintaining weight.

Our minds and bodies do not function well when we try to work around the natural process of balanced nutrition and regular exercise. Although you may feel that you are going to gain weight by getting help, you are actually giving yourself the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and looking after your body in the best possible way - that is a big part of treatment.

Aside from all the serious physical health risks, trying to deny that you have bulimia must be very wearing - it also sounds like a badly kept secret as your fiance's Mom is encouraging you to get help.

I would urge you to get help for your bulimia - even though it's a scary thing to do. In treatment, you will be able to connect to others who truly understand where you are coming from - and can help you re-gain control over your eating disorder.

Please take care.