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are there any other recovered anoreexic's that have become obese. not morbidly, but just above overweight?


Me! I technically was

Me! I technically was diagnosed with EDNOS because I still had periods but was otherwise anorexic. I gained a lot of weight on antipsychotic meds and then had a baby. Now I can't seem to lose the weight in a healthy way. It just wants to stay and I am embarrassed to tell anyone I have gained a ton of weight!

i wish i had meds to blame

i wish i had meds to blame for the weight gain. my thing is just that i cant make myself lose any weight. when it comes to losing weight, i know that i need to for health reasons and also because my husband and i are having troubles conceiving and i have p.c.o.s. and the systems arent as bad when you arent overweight. once i started gaining weight it was a long time before i would go around anyone that had seen me when i weighed less. i am now taking counseling classes to help people deal with the things that i have, but i am ashamed to tell them that i struggled with anorexia because i dont want them to think that they will end up weighing as much as myself.

I hear you! I thought I was

I hear you! I thought I was the only ex-anorexic who by BMI is now obese. People would not say, "oh, she is fat" besides my family I don't think . They probably would think I am a little overweight. But by BMI I am obese and don't know how I let this happen.... An now I can't lose it. I thank you for posting and sharing. I truly understand both worlds. Do you see a therapist or have any peer support?

I was seeing a counselor, but

I was seeing a counselor, but she has pretty much quit seeing me because i saw her off and on for 10 years. now that i am not struggling with the things i used to, she feels i need to do this on my own. i had started weight watchers, but i couldnt make myself go. i felt i knew what i needed to do, and the leader got on my nerves.