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Can you have an eating disorder without binging or restricting? i generally eat the amount of calories recommended for a young woman to lose weight but i do not think my behavior is healthy. i'm extremely obsessive, selfdeprecating, etc.


If you are only eating enough

If you are only eating enough calories to lose weight then you are technically restricting. Are you dieting because your BMI is in the unhealthy range or because you feel that being thinner will get rid of those self-depricating thoughts?

Regardless of your behavior with food, it's extremely common for people with eating disorders to have unrealistic expectations of themselves and be their own harshest critics. For example, I answered a question on here the other day that I didn't proofread. When I read it later I was mortified. In the past, it would have been my tendency to fixate on the thought that someone read that response and how they must have thought I was a stupid idiot (not just an idiot but a stupid idiot!). After years of working through this though, I didn't give in to those thoughts because I know they are wasting time that could be spent editing the offending post and reminding myself that perfection is not the be all end all. huge hugs if you are dealing with that kind of thinking. Try to be as kind to yourself as you would be to others because, really, that is the only way to achieve the things that matter in life.