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Did/do I even have an eating disorder


Two years ago, I started to

Two years ago, I started to get freaked out about my wieght. I wanted to lose lbs, so I started eatting healthier and excersing more, but the weight wasn't coming off fast enough for me, so I started making myself sick. I didn't do it after every meal, I just did it when I wanted to. I didn't even do it that often. Maybe three or four times a month. Then I stopped when my dad decided to lose weight last summer. He introduced me into the world of calories. He told showed me how to count calories, and he told me how much i needed. I always eat 200 calories under the amount i needed. I lost weight and was 90 pounds. I wanted to lose more wieght so i continued counting calories, except now i ate 1000 calories. Sometimes I would eat 1400, but most of the time i ate 1000 calories. I wasn't happy with myself, but I was happy with the weight i was losing. I reached 85lbs, and still wanted to lose more. I realized that maybe I had a problem, and I talked to my dance teacher about what was going on. She told me to see a therapist and to tell my parents. I told my parents i was eating 1000 calories and they found me a therapist 3 weeks later. But when i told my parents, I figured, if I was getting help I might as well get to the weight I actually want to be at. So I decreased my calories to 600 during the week and 1000 on the weekends. I saw my therapist twice and then went to see my regular doctor for a check up. He showed me that I need to gain some weight and he was ready to put me in the hospital, but i told him i would gain weight. I realized how crazy I was for counting calories. I stopped and gained weight. I now weight 90 lbs. It is still hard at times to not count calories. And some days I still do count. But for the most part I just eat healthy and forget about the exact number of calories in each food. Sometimes I will eat what I want, like if I want ice cream, even though it is not healthy, I'll eat some.
My question is, am I just watching my weight, or did I have a problem. No one ever really described me as anorexic or having an eating disorder. I just want to know if this was just normal or not.

dance...what you experienced

dance...what you experienced in certainly not normal, and you could have gotten very ill. I am glad that you were able to turn things around a bit. You are still a long way away from a healthy weight, so I hope you will continue to strive to restore your body. If not, you could begin to have more problems, or if you were to get ill, you are at a very low weight and it could take a long time for you to heal.
Based on what you have shared, it is possible that you were and still may be, suffering with an eating speak of a lot of obsessive thoughts about food. Please try to eat and if you struggle, reach out for help. Take care ?