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My bowel movements have been less frequent and today was day nine since my last one, except for a small movement this morning. My weight today was a touch up from last week, even I exercised/ate the same. Is lack of BM the cause for the sm. weight change?


It could be, but the bigger

It could be, but the bigger question is, are you eating enough and drinking plenty of fluids? This could help. Fruit juices and prunes could help. I don't like to recommend any type of laxatives, but if this continues you should see you doctor. Take care!

I drink plenty of water for

I drink plenty of water for sure, and my diet hasn't changed. The issue is that I have colitis and I had a flare-up ten days ago, which "emptied out" my system, so that is why I hadn't had a small bowel movement until yesterday (9 days since the flare-up), but I still feel "full". I usually never go past 5-7 days at most without a movement, so this time is an exception. It seems only logical to me the weight change is a result of my constipation/lack of bowel movement for over a week right?

This could very likely be the

This could very likely be the case. Also, our weight can fluctuate 3-5 lbs. normally, over a few days' period of time. You probably are more 'tuned' in to it.
I suggest you give it another day or two, and if you are still constipated, see your doctor, or you could try a normal dose of Miralax, which is more safe.
Wishing you well...Jan