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Does anyone know this: my friend has been acting weird a lot is exersicing alot plus she in cheer volleyball an soccer whenever we go out she never wants food or gets ansty in front of eveyone eating. Is there a problem?


Your friend could very well

Your friend could very well have a problem, perhaps even an eating disorder. Are the things you have noticed, CHANGES in the way your friend behaves? Change is a big thing to watch for with people you care about.
Have you talked privately to your friend and expressed your concern? If you haven't, maybe you could just tell her that you are worried about her, and ask her how she is feeling, and if there are things in her life that are making her sad or angry. You could mention what you have noticed, not in an attacking way (not that you would), but in a way that she will know that you care about her. If she won't talk to you about it, or gets angry about it, remember you are just trying to help her. You might want to talk to your school counselor about your concerns and see what he/she suggests. The most important thing is for your friend to get help if she needs it, and to know that you care. She is lucky to have you for a friend!! Good luck!

I ha e talk to her she got a

I ha e talk to her she got a bit upset she has had big changes in behave it's kinda of crazy. She says that school and sports are really stressing her out espcally sent we have cheer nationals coming up it's taking a toll on her

You truly are a great friend!

You truly are a great friend! This is the type of thing that can cause a young woman to spiral into an eating disorder. The pressure...the strive for perfection..competition. I wouldn't want you to take her care upon yourself, but you can support her to take care of herself. I suggest that you talk to your parents about your concerns, and perhaps your school counselor as well, because they might want to talk to your friend to see if they can help her. The best thing you can do is to remind your friend that you care about her, and to encourage her to talk about how she is feeling. Good luck!

I have been encouarging her

I have been encouarging her my parents won't really car for one there never home travel for business but I will think about talking to a counselor I know what kind of position she is in

I'm sorry that your parents

I'm sorry that your parents are not around much. Talking to a counselor at school would be a good idea. Take care. I hope things turn out OK. :)