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Does what I'm experiencing warrant 'getting help.' I have been losing weight unintentionally because I find myself unable to eat most foods. I get nauseous at the thought of eating anything but grains and fresh veggies/fruit or have no appetite at all


I can sometimes force myself

I can sometimes force myself to eat something that's not on my list of okay foods but I feel sick to my stomach for hours after. I have never thrown up or stopped eating all together and I definitely don't want to lose any weight as I have always felt way too small.

It has just been getting worse and worse. I had to stop drinking milk because I feel like it is only okay to drink the day it is opened. So I moved to soy milk then almond milk but now I feel the same way about them. I can't eat fast food or even at most restaurants, and the thought of eating things from the freezer makes me ill.

Hi...please see a doctor to

Hi...please see a doctor to rule out or determine if you have any medical problems that should be dealt with.
From there, you may need to see an ED specialist who can help determine if you may need some type of treatment. Don't delay....take care...Jan