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eating very little 400-600calories a day...feel shaky on the inside, heart beats funny at times...tired


Hi: The symptoms you are


The symptoms you are describing are common to persons with anorexia who are not consuming enough calories to properly nourish and look after their body.

The shaky feeling you describe, may be caused by low blood pressure which can actually cause you to faint. You are tired because your body is struggling to function without adequate nourishment.

Heart palpitations and other cardiac symptoms are serious indications that your body is severely stressed from lack of food. Light-headedness, constant fatigue, and heart irregularities are all signs that your heart is under strain from anorexia.

I'm sure you're aware that 400 to 600 calories per day is not enough food to maintain your health. It's important not to ignore the physical symptoms you are experiencing, and I would urge you to see a doctor, to rule out other serious health consequences of your anorexia.

Please consider getting some help for your eating disorder. There's lots of support available, and it does help to talk with others who have "been there" and who may have gone through some of the same things you are experiencing. There are also some excellent treatment facilities and counselors available.

Wishing you well.