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general eating question


i have not been able to eat

i have not been able to eat in the last 4 months. i dont binge or throw up when i eat on purpose. i am going through alot of mental issues right now and have been under alot of stress. i can not eat. what should i do to increase my appetite. i have lost 43lbs in 4 months. afraid if i dont start eating soon i will never be able to eat normally again. is this all in my head or something more than that? i need help. please sincerely, sara00

Sara...What is preventing you

Sara...What is preventing you from eating? Is it the emotional stress you are feeling? Your rapid and extreme weight loss could be dangerous for your health. You are correct that when you have stopped eating for a time, your gastrointestinal system may not work as efficiently when you begin to eat again. It may take some time eating more mild and soft foods to get your digestion back on track. The more important issue is that you see a doctor right away to determine if there is a physical/biological reason that you have not been able to eat. It is very important that you do this now. Feel free to write and let us know what you find out. Take care...Jan