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heart palpitations, chest pain


Hi there i am 31 had anorexia

Hi there i am 31 had anorexia at age od 16 and ever since suffered with, well thet say bulimia, but i consume very little but still bring up what i have 2 to 3 times aday.
Been going on since i was 16. Today i have been to the as im having palpitations and chest pain, feel dizzy etc, my thyroid came back low and i have to re do the blood test again in 3 weeks.
I take it that this is a symptom of my eating disorder, but what scares me most is i cant stop and i dont want to have a heart attack or anything down that road, i have a family 2 girls that need me but this E.D has always ahd such a hold over me.
Has any one else had these symptoms ?

Hi, I'am 29 yrs old and have

Hi, I'am 29 yrs old and have had bulimia since the age of 16 too. I have had chest pain alot, dizzy spells and heart palpitations, it is really starting to scare me.
I have 3 boys and a husband so i need to get some help.
Good luck