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help! i dont want to speak to anyone or see my doctor, i go long periods of time without eating then binge eat to force my self to be sick sometime once a week and sometimes once every two weeks, am i anorexic? ive lost two stone in less than two months??


I just thought i would add

I just thought i would add some extra so some one can give me a good answer to this questions.
Ive gone from just over 8 stone to 6 in just under two months but i cannot see a difference with my body, when i look at myself i cant see this.
Ive also got this new obsession with cooking for other people, this is going to sound a little bit wierd but ive started buying so much food for my friend and making her eat loads so she could get fat and i would feel skinnier and i feel awful. I keep cooking and baking excessivly. I force myself to be sick when i eat and i cry because im so angry at myself. Ive even developed the skills to pretend to eat in front of my parents i dont want anything to be wrong with me but sometimes i feel like there is and im getting to a stage where im scared of myself some one please just reply and say im being stupid.

You are not stupid, but it

You are not stupid, but it sounds as though you in the depths of a potentially dangerous situation. Many people who have eating disorders have a need to cook for others and have them eat, but they don't eat themselves. The hiding, secrets and lies that can happen are all a way to protect what may feel safe to you. Please seek help right away! This is not your fault, and this requires professional help in order to move beyond it and recover. Please talk to someone in your life who you trust and ask them to help you find help. Take care....Jan