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How do you know if it's an eating disorder? I'm 40 yrs old, and have started purging 1-2x day the past 6 weeks. I've lost 13# in that time, but I'm not bingeing, just eating less than I had. Any thoughts?


mom...I suggest that you seek

mom...I suggest that you seek some professional help, including some medical tests, and a therapist, to help you understand what is driving this new behavior. It does sound as if you have developed an eating disorder, and the sooner you get help, the better your chances are of complete recovery. Please don't wait. This is a serious problem. Take care!

I am 47 and i have bulimia

I am 47 and i have bulimia which if i,m honest has gotten worse since my husband left me 2yrs ago then shortly afterwards my son {our only child} moved out i don,t have a good social life and i call my bulimia my dirty little secret,i only have one kidney which isn,t great as it is yet still i take bottles upon bottles of laxatives i can,t make myself sick but i can make sure i can take the laxatives, i know what i,m doing is wrong yet i convince myself it,ll only be today i won,t do it tomorrow but i do and i now think my onlly kidney is getting affected so i understand what it,s like to have bulimia in your 40,s