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I am obese (by medical standards) but have anorexic and bulimic tendencies such as fasting, purging, and over exersizing. I don't understand whether this is conciderd an eating disorder because of my weight or not?


I suffered with anorexia and

I suffered with anorexia and bulemia for over 10 years as a young woman. Since my recovery I have this terrible fear of being thin and am now medically obese. Did I recover from my disorder or just change it somehow? How do I deal with it?

I can't tell if your being

I can't tell if your being serious or actually making fun of me. I was just asking a question, because I am very confused. But like everyone else you have just made me completely more unsure of myself, and if I wasn't already upset enough you have managed to make it worse. I regret every coming to this site!

Toxic....When you are

Toxic....When you are suffering from an eating disorder, I think many are more sensitive to the remarks made by others, and it's easy to misinterpret. I don't think that yellowburd1 was trying to make fun or cause you distress. What she expressed is what some people do experience, so please try not to take it personally.
The behaviors that you are engaging in definitely indicate an eating disorder, no matter what your weight may be. It isn't accurate that only thin people can have an eating disorder. The cycle you describe with fasting, purging and over-exercising can lead to some serious problems. An eating disorder can be fatal for some people, so please take this seriously!
I hope you will seek professional help right away, and don't back down until someone listens to you!
This site offers some resources, but if you can't find anything, I am happy to help you out if you email me with your location @
Take care...Jan