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I am overweight but have been dieting for some time. I have lost 50 lbs in several months. for the past 5 weeks i have been seriuosly restricting my caloric intake. I currently get very anxious if I eat over 600 calories a day. should i get help?


Hi: Severely restricting


Severely restricting calories to promote rapid weight loss is not a healthy way to lose weight, and can misfire in the long run as your body attempts to cope with the lack of nourishment. Often, people find that any weight they lose this way is quickly gained back when normal eating patterns resume.

I am very concerned to hear that you are consuming so few calories. In order to maintain good health, our bodies require considerably more than 600 calories per day. You are placing yourself at risk of developing serious health complications by maintaining this type of weight loss.

You also mention feeling a lot of anxiety concerning your calorie intake. The combination of anxiety around food and severely restricting calories are both symptoms of an eating disorder.

I would urge you to seek help and speak to someone right away about what you are experiencing. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help, and you have already taken the first step here!

Please don't delay in talking to a counselor or health professional. There is a lot of support available, and remember, you are worth it! Please take care of yourself.