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I believe my sister has an eating disorder, but does not clearly fit in any one category. I would like her to see a counselor for an eating disorder but she refuses to even entertain the subject. What is the best course of action? She is 20 years old.


Hi....your sister is lucky

Hi....your sister is lucky that you have concerns and are trying to learn how to help her. A good many people don't fit a specific diagnosis for an ED, but that does not mean that they are any less ill. In fact, they may be even more ill overall. At the Treatment center where I work, many of our patients are diagnosed with EDNOS, because there are so many that don't fit a specific criteria perfectly. The difficulty for your sister (and you) is that b/c she is an adult, you cannot do much more than continue to express your concern and ask her to at least see a specialist for an assessment. There is no obligation in that. If you can tell her that you are worried, and that you want her to life a full and happy life, maybe she will at least take that first step. Good luck! ?