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I can't stop giving in to my new cravings for sweet food. Is ther something wrong with me? I was anorexic for 8 months before now and lost over a stone. I'm worried I'll put it all back on!!!

Comments may be craving these may be craving these foods because you deprived yourself of them while you were starving yourself. This is the way people end up with bingeing problems after dieting or starving themselves. The best way for you to get it under control is to make sure that you eat an adequate amount of food each day so that you allow yourself ALL kinds of foods. This way you won't be so apt to crave certain foods. If your weight is still too low, you may still be vulnerable to bingeing.
Please consider getting professional help so you can recover fully and put this all behind you!

I am relapsing and finding it

I am relapsing and finding it hard to convince myself to get help. I've lost another 6lb's and I am enjoying it! But with winter coming up I'm liable to get depressed. Sorry, you didn't need to know that! :( Thanks for your help. :) x

I hope you will seek

I hope you will seek professional help. You can recover, and you deserve it! Take care..Jan ?