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i dont think that im at all fat im actually quite small, but if something happens that i can not control or i am stressed and unhappy i tend to stop eating. i dont get many hunger pains or if i do itend to ignore them this can go on for weeks at a time


nichola...many people react

nichola...many people react in similar ways to stress, such as not eating as much, or sometimes eating more than usual. When you say that this goes on for weeks sometimes, that concerns me that it could be much more dangerous.
Do you find yourself thinking about your weight or food a lot? Do you focus on your size and weight when you think of yourself?
That fine line between an eating disorder, and periodic eating 'issues' caused by stress is how much your life is adversely affected, and if your health is compromised because of this.
It would be a good idea if you were to see your doctor and discuss these things. Take care.

hi nichola i too agree with

hi nichola
i too agree with jan . i have relasped due to a lot of emotional stress & i do feel that the stress is why i relaped ? after yrs of recovery please try to seek help & have a good check up . i too was never overweight before or now when my relaspe started again for me i wasn't overweight but now am at 89 pounds from 115 in just a few weeks & now all i do is run again weigh & think about food even if i feel hugry just can not do it . my family worries & i do not want this again & what i put them through it all before & it is an aweful disease . so may god bless you & please take care of you xo