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I eat very healthy during the day but sometimes wake up at night and eat sugary foods in excess. Then, I wake up feeling disgusted and have an urge to exercise. Do I have an eating disorder?


You very likely do have an

You very likely do have an eating disorder. You may be depriving your body of essential calories during the day, which could be causing you to crave the foods you don't allow yourself, which leads to the night eating. Because you seem to be focused on food and then exercise, possibly as a means to compensate for the 'excess' eating, you should see a doctor or a therapist who is knowlegeable about eating disorders. Take care.

i have been eating 2 to 3

i have been eating 2 to 3 times during the night since i was about 15, now 50. i have never figured out what causes me to wake up suddenly and starving, i have tried eating three balanced meals even though i hate breakfast and eat little lunch. tried sleeping pills and wake up as if i did not take them. now that i am getting older, the weight is starting to accumulate, even though i exercise. what is going on. my mother. brother, and nephew also have this problem. can not survive on such few hours of sleep these days. any suggestions?

denise...I really can't say

denise...I really can't say for certain. You may have both a sleep disorder and an eating disorder, which are maintaining each other. I would suggest you see a doctor and talk about what is going on. Perhaps you could have a sleep study done as well. Please get checked out by a doctor!! Good luck!!