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I had been cutting my calories to 500 a day for a while, and then I binged for a few days and the scale jumped from 104 to 120. I know its fluid retention, and it normall goes away after a few days of restricting my calories, but why do I do this? I've ne


It sounds as though you have

It sounds as though you have some major disordered eating going on. If you cycle back and forth like this with your restricting then bingeing, you are setting yourself up for rapid weight gain, and raising your 'setpoint' in the end. This is also very dangerous to your body in many ways. I can't answer why you are doing this, but eating disorders are truly emotionally based, rather than physical, so you should consider seeing a therapist to try to find those answers so you can recover. This is no way to live your life, and you CAN recover!! Please get help!!