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I hate how I look, I'm thin and I want to be thinner, My bmi is 25, but I only weigh 115 at 5'1". I just can't seem to get the energy to work out more or stop eating at all times of the day. How do I stop binge eating, I think thats what is wrong with m


I have had 2 children and

I have had 2 children and have lost all the baby weight from both pregnancys, but going back to my normal weight is never enough. I have fairly toned arms, my face is thinned out but not the way I want ti to look, and I want there to be at least a 1 inch gap between my thighs when I put my feet together. I'm never hungry when I wake up and don't start feeling hungry until around 3 in the afternoon, so that is usually when I have a meal. Usually a salad at work, then I come home and cook dinner for my family, I do what I need to as a mother then aftr I put the kids to bed and my husband starts his work or tv shows, I start rumaging through the cabinets trying to find food. The apples on the counter or the yogert in the fridge never curbs the want for more food. I usually grab bread or carb full items. and I will sometimes eat till midnight never being satisfied with what I just ate. I am thin but I can't stop eating, I increase my insulin intake to make up for what I know I will be eating. I'm only 25 and I feel horrible sluggish and I can't sleep for more then an hour at a time, and I'm up wanting a snack by 3 or 4. I can't offord a dr for my diabetes or a councelor of any kind. I don't know how to stop eating or where to find help.

Put aside everything about

Put aside everything about the body you want, how you want to look, the 1" gap, etc for a moment.

You're diabetic, which has real risks if not handled properly. I don't understand how you have no doctor but DO have insulin. Who prescribes it and how do they know how much to prescribe?

As a diabetic, you should know that your sugar is probably going VERY low if you're not eating until 3pm, and that THIS is why your body craves carbs (which is broken down to sugar).

Without going any further, whatever food issues you have they are NOTHING compared to your issues with blood sugar - at least not right now. You MUST get your diabetes sorted out before you'll really know how much food your body wants. This is one of those moments where "I can't afford it" just isn't enough. I don't care if you have to drive 2 hours to a free clinic, you MUST get your sugar under control FIRST.

Sorry to be harsh. I really do wish you the best.

While you don't fully

While you don't fully describe your eating patterns here, keep in mind that "binge eating" refers to consuming large amounts of food at ONE sitting. If you are actually eating small amounts throughout the day THAT is a good thing. That's normal...

That being said, if you are using exercise to compensate for your eating (i.e. I have to work out to burn off everything I eat) then THAT is a possible sign of Bulimia.

It sounds like you are concerned enough to seek professional help, and I must recommend that for you. Start with your primary care doctor or, if you live at home with your parents, go to them first. I don't know your age, but I do know that your anxiety CAN be overcome. I sincerely wish you well.

Hi....I agree totally with

Hi....I agree totally with Dr. Katz. The additional issue with Diabetes can cause very serious consequences if they are not addressed. We treat people with eating disorders and diabetes, but unless the blood sugar issues are addressed, nothing can be accomplished. I realize that finances are an issues, but please continue to seek answers and resources that you might utilize. Don't give up!!