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I have a 30 year old daughter, who has an obsession with eating clean and exercise. She can not function w/o her cooler of food and is very paranoid about public food prep questioning the cooks/waiters often accusing them of adding oil or dressings.


The key word here is

The key word here is "obsession", which indicates that your daughter's need for control concerning food is definitely affecting the quality of her life, and possibly yours. How long has this behavior been going on? Does her obsession prevent her from having a healthy social life, or affect her ability to have close relationships? Even if her weight seems "normal", this behavior is keeping her imprisoned, and for some reason, she has an excessive need for control in her life, and food and exercise have become the areas that she focuses on. Her fear of fats, or not knowing exact fat content, also indicates that she needs professional help in identifying the underlying factors that are leading her to resort to this control of her food and exercise. These obsessions are very hard to break without help, and in time, will most likely broaden to include other unhealthy behaviors that could cause irreversible damage to her body. You should encourage her to seek the counsel of a professional therapist or counselor in your area to assess exactly what form of treatment she needs.