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I have a pattern. I lose alot of weight because I am a mountaineer and so every summer I go out for a month or two. I lose alot of weight and then the rest of the year I slowly gain back the weight. Its always fluctuating. Its never stable.


This time, It has gone too

This time, It has gone too far. I am binging and I can't really identify the reasons. Even if I have, how do I deal with it ? I have gained 6-7 kgs and it is just SO depressing.
I make amends but hardly follow them and look forward to the summer. I am a careless athlete and this really bugs me.
I have also been a bulimic since I was 17. I stopped a few months ago convinced thats its just wrong and unnatural but now with all this eating, I have started again.
Any Help Would be appreciated.
Thank You.

Hi...I suggest you see a

Hi...I suggest you see a professional. While your summer activity certainly can affect your weight, the underlying distress is not normal, and an athlete such as you would normally eat adequately to maintain a healthy weight even with the added activity. You mention that you have been bulimic since age 17. So this is not just about food, it's about the emotional distress, and using food as a coping tool. Please seek help so that you health is not compromised any further.