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I have a real good friend that had anorexia which has effected their heart (odds high hear attack). They are now purging at times, calorie counting, restricting, and possibly going through the early stages of Anorexia. How can I best support them?


The best support you can

The best support you can offer is first, that you care about this person and that you don't want them to get more ill, or worse, die.
Ask them how you can be a support, and encourage them to get professional help. Perhaps both of you could research the truth about eating disorders and the dangers involved. You could also offer to go with this person to a therapist or doctor. You are a good friend to be trying to help!!

I'm 10 and have anorexia

I'm 10 and have anorexia people try and help me but I can't . I've had it for about 6 months and weigh 65 pounds . I store food in my duffel bags .every morning i wake up crying and hoping the day will get better but it doesn't i hope you or your friend gets better .