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I have been in recovery from eating disorder since December 09. I seem to be falling back into bad eating behaviors. I don't know if I am still not eating enough or what, because like last night I ate a ton of food. Out of control.Help!


What you think of as a ton

What you think of as a ton might not be. Our perceptions of that are often off. Did it feel like a ton because you are physically uncomfortable? Are some emotions coming up since recovery has put the breaks on starving and binging them away? huge hugs

I did it again last night.

I did it again last night. Way overate! I feel like I am trying to make myself feel better and just like a bottomless pit, can't get full. Today I feel horrible and don't want to eat anything. I threw a lot of food in my house away last night. Thanks for the hugs. Hugs to you too.


Hi...great job of reaching

Hi...great job of reaching out for support! So..besides eating what you consider 'a ton', are there other 'bad' eating behaviors that you have noticed? Are you still seeing a therapist for your continued support and accountability? This is very important for at least a year after being in treatment. Have you been following a meal plan to make sure you get enough to eat every day? Your urge to eat 'a ton' could actually be a result of you not eating enough calories on a regular basis for what your body needs, or it could be an emotional reaction, which is what eating disorders are mostly about anyway. No matter the underlying cause, I suggest you seek professional guidance right away so that you can sort it out before you spiral into a full relapse. The sooner you catch this, the sooner you can be fully recovered and moving on with your life. I know it's hard, but it's certainly NOT impossible!! Take care....




Does anyone have problem of

Does anyone have problem of alcohol making eating behaviors worse? It seems to be happening to me.


Alcohol can definitely affect

Alcohol can definitely affect your hunger cues and your ability to think clearly, so yes, it can add to the severity of an eating disorder. Plus, if you begin to drink in excess, then you have an additional problem to deal with. I wouldn't go there. Are you finding this to be a problem?
Please get some help!!