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I have had an eating disorder for almost 3 years now and it seems to be getting worse. My mom and my sister both had eating disorders but are now fully recovered. Is it genetic to get eating disorders? or is it my fault?


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To sum it up for you: No, it is not your fault.

If you want some insight in to genetics and ED's go here:

Remember, just because it is not genetic does NOT make it your "fault."

The only thing that would be your fault is not stepping up and telling your family you need help. If you've had an ED for 3 years and it is getting worse, my question is, "Are you getting treatment?" If not, you have to tell someone. Your mom and sister got treatment and recovered, so why can't you?

YOU CAN DO IT! Of course you can. You know you can. Go. Do it. Now!

Hi, There are many things

There are many things that can play into the development of an eating disorder, but no one is to blame. Genetics are now being proven to be one of those components, but it is not known how much of a factor they can be. The environmental dynamics of being around others can be very triggering though.
But, no matter what, this is not your fault, but you can take control and be in charge of your recovery!
Please seek professional help, and don't let others dictate your destiny!